The City government, comprised of a Mayor and five Council Members, has two regularly scheduled meetings each month, on the second and fourth Mondays respectively.

The Town Charter lays down specific regulations about the town government and the plan of government. The form of government for Baconton is designated as the Mayor-Council Plan. The Charter states as follows:
“Section 4. Be it further enacted that the municipal government of the City of Baconton shall consist of and be vested in a mayor and five councilmen; that said mayor and council shall have full power and authority . . . to make and establish rules, laws, ordinances and regulations, orders, as to them may seem right and proper . . . ”

City Public Works Department is managed and operated by Director Anthony Morman along with city worker Henry Ward. City taxes, election operations, business license and other administrative tasks are coordinated by City Clerk Katrina Goff. City Utilities Department is coordinated by Celeste Robinson as well as other administrative tasks.