The City of Baconton, the birthplace of the paper-shell pecan industry in Georgia, is located in Mitchell County, conveniently at the crossroads of U.S. Highway 19 and State Road 93, 16 miles from Albany, 278 miles south of Atlanta.

The town was named for Major Robert James Bacon who came with his wife, in 1858, purchasing 4,000 acres of land for $4,000. Major Bacon was an industrial, a large cotton planter, and a director of the Savannah, Florida and Western Railroad Company, later named the Atlantic and Gulf Railroad and finally the Atlantic Coastline. During the construction of a railroad from Albany, Georgia to Thomasville, Georgia, he gave the right-of-way for the S.F. and W. to go through his plantation. The engineers located a station on his plantation and without his knowledge named it Baconton in his honor in 1869.

Baconton was incorporated in the year 1903. The Charter, No. 363, was granted by the State of Georgia under House Bill No. 475 and was revised in 1953. The size of the City is one square mile (a square whose sides are 2000 yards and the old town well is the center).